Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for young girls. I enjoy talking to & mentoring them to see where they are mentally. I guess it stems from being a former case manager, where I had the opportunity to work with mostly teenage girls who were either pregnant or already a mother. This job provided me with the opportunity to have real one-on-one talks with "my girls", which is how I often referred to them. Although most of them came across as confident and outgoing they would eventually open up to me and I saw that a lot of them suffered from low self-esteem. Girls with low self-esteem are at risk from suffering from depression, eating disorders, having a poor body image of themselves etc. For quite some time now, I have thought about and asked myself, "What can I do that would allow me to reach out to young girls to help them build up their self-esteem?"

This is why I would like to announce my "I AM BEAUTIFUL" session for young girls between the ages of 11 - 19. I want girls to see how beautiful they really are. I want to provide them with an opportunity to have their model moment and to let their personality shine through.

I want these girls to know that......
  • What the media portrays as "beautiful", most people do not fit these images.
  • Standards of beauty change over time and differs among cultures
  • The value of a person is not determined by their appearance
  • A person who accepts and feels good about their body will be more likable and attractive to others
  • Individual bodies are different sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Differences make us unique
  • Good health habits, such as eating nutritiously and exercising, can improve the way a person looks and feels
  • They should be proud of the special qualities of their body
Each month, I will be providing a complimentary "I AM BEAUTIFUL" session to up to 2 young girls that will include a photo session lasting up to 1 hour, light makeup application (optional), a complimentary 8 X 10, 25 rep cards, up to 3 photos uploaded to Facebook, & discounted prints. To nominate a girl, please submit a short story to specifying why your nominee should be chosen. Please be sure to include the name, age, & grade level of the girl you are nominating.

If you would like to just schedule this session for a young girl, it is currently available for $75* (valued at over $200).

*Only a limited amount of these sessions will be available each month.

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