Monday, April 6, 2009

The Wedding Made for Comedy Central.....

On Saturday, I had the privilege of attending & photographing Chris & Stacey's wedding. Oh my goodness is all I can say. This was THE most entertaining ceremony that I've EVER attended. I swear Stacey pretended to be deaf and had the officiant repeating certain vows because she thought that it would be funny. When it came time for her to repeat till death do we part, she decided to give it her own spin and said "Till the sun rises no more". The minister looked at her and said "What?". She went on to repeat herself. When it came time for Chris to repeat those same vows the minister asked her to repeat what she had previously said. Stacey replied, "Oh, it's till death do us part for him. Instead of the minister ending the official ceremony with I now pronounce you husband and wife, he said I now pronounce you wife & husband. Chris believes that Stacey paid him off...LOL!

Here are few photos from the wedding....

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  1. God has blessed you with a very very special gift...this is definitely your calling, unless you got some more super talet kryptonite that you waiting to hit us with! LOL


    Cristal Allen:-)